GB Driving School aims to help others succeed in the ventures of learning how to drive or simply improving confidence in driving skills. We want to share our knowledge with others as it is a rewarding feeling knowing there are students out there who have benefited from our services.

Customer care is our number one priority. We are dedicated to accommodating all our learner drivers with their needs. With varied teaching styles, patient instructors who are able to keep our learners calm during each lesson, and making sure you are getting a good deal for your money.

We are a driving school which strongly believes in a code of good ethics and furthering our own knowledge every day to keep updated in all driving rules, regulations, and road safety procedures!

Content On Our Website

The content we have covered on our site touches on a number of informational topics. You will find extra information on why the Pass Plus course is a suitable option to consider for newly licensed drivers. This includes fully licensed drivers too. Some learner drivers are overwhelmed with the stress of undergoing the UK Drivers Test. However, we have you covered! You will find an extensive breakdown of what each section of the test is.

The inevitable part of the theoretical section of the driver’s test is the identification of different road signs. Obviously, this is for you benefit when you’re on the road. However, the test is not going to cover every single road sign. Especially if you only have 57 minutes to complete the theory test! Check out our post which goes more in-depth on the subject with added links for further reading.

Lastly, there are people out there who enjoy driving but mostly imparting knowledge to others. This is a fantastic combination if you’re considering becoming an Approved Driving Instructor. Qualify and many doors of opportunity will open for you!

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