Every person in the United Kingdom who chooses to become a fully licensed vehicle driver has to undergo the competency test. Included in this test is being knowledgeable on all road signs used in all areas. The list of road signs used specifically in the UK ranges between level crossings, warnings, lane control, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport operators, parking, freeway, informational, and directional signs.

Below, we have listed the most common road signs used in the United Kingdom.

Cautionary Signs

The majority of these signs have a red border and there are a few without a red border.

Prohibitive and Mandatory Signs

Signs of prohibition are indicated with a red border. Mandatory signs are blue.

National Speed Limit Signs

All areas excluding the freeway have a speed limit of 30mph. The freeway has a speed limit of 70mph.

Pedestrian Signs

These signs are used in all shopping areas with high volumes of foot traffic.

Loading and Parking Signs

These signs are used in designated areas for permit holders or disabled drivers. This includes parking areas in which only certain types of cars are permitted to park in those bays. Parking bays which are prepaid or free are indicated with the relevant signage.

Freeway Signs

There are a vast array of signs used on the freeway which indicate anything from road statuses, route numbers, entry and exit points, diversion routes, information signs, roadwork signs, and many more road signs.

General UK Road Rules

First and foremost, it is compulsory for all drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. This includes children of all ages, small children must be fastened in securely with a car seat. In the UK, drivers drive on the left side of the road.

However, many non-UK drivers find this confusing. If you need assistance in adjusting to the new system of driving, you can contact the International Drivers Service on 020-8570-9190. They are specifically trained to help new UK drivers adjust.

It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in the UK. There are various ways in which this is punishable by means of penalty points, impounding of the vehicle, driving bans, and monetary fines. An accumulation of 12 penalty points on your driver’s license will result in a driving ban. The first set of 6 penalty points are given out if you are driving a car with no insurance coverage.

Stop at all pedestrian crossings. It’s safer to obey the law than getting fined for not stopping whatsoever. All types of road signs are differentiated according to shape and color.

Do not drive in reserved lanes for public transport or emergency vehicles unless there is an obstruction in the road. Failure to comply with such a road rule is liable to a monetary fine or penalty. If you are found driving at below the recommended speed on a freeway, you will be prosecuted accordingly. This rule is to ensure swift traffic flow and reduced levels of traffic congestion on busy roads such as the freeway.