GB Driving School is focused on providing quality services for those wanting to tackle the journey of learning how to drive, improving driving skills, and ensuring we keep online readers updated on information about driving laws in the United Kingdom.

We provide one-on-one driving lessons with our qualified Approved Driving Instructors. We ensure safety first in all that we do. This includes our driving instructors being suitable for any learner driver who may be nervous or even calm.

Instructors use different teaching methods as not all learners are able to learn through one standard teaching method. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and your driving needs.

You will be pleased to know that every driving instructor in all driving schools has to undergo several tests in order to become an Approved Driving Instructor by the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency. Not to mention Standard Checks every four years to ensure the ADI has not received any driving penalties or driving bans.

Below, we have listed video links for our readers to further their understanding of road safety, the different sections of the UK Drivers Test, and more.

As we already know, there are two parts to the driver’s test focusing on theory and practical driving. The theory is broken down into two parts which are multiple-choice questions and the Hazard Perception Test. Both of these parts need to be successfully passed in order to be able to book your practical driving test.

There is quite a lot of pressure on passing the first part of the theory test which is the multiple-choice section. The minimum mark in order to pass is 43 out of 50 questions. You can rely on former learner drivers tips to help you pass the theory section of the test.

If in doubt, follow the traffic and road signs. Well, not everyone knows every single UK road sign we have today, especially non-UK drivers who have just joined our country. The road signs seen in the video come directly from the Highway Code.

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