The importance of road safety is a subject regularly being debated upon as legislature is continuously being improved to ensure full road safety for motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. There is an influx of unlicensed drivers, drivers under the influence, or drivers who are using uninsured vehicles.

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to drive a car without a valid drivers license, furthermore, it is illegal to drive an uninsured car. In order to ensure road safety measures are met accordingly, penalties, monetary fines, and driving bans have been implemented to lower the risk of dangerous drivers.

The focus on ensuring newly licensed drivers have the opportunity to further their driving skills has been effective. If new drivers are taught advanced skills to boost their confidence in driving, increase their observational and awareness levels, and aid in developing safer driving techniques, allows for the driver to lower the risk of becoming a dangerous driver.

What Can New Drivers Do?

There is an optional course a new driver can take within the first year of becoming a licensed driver. It is the Pass Plus course which was implemented by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in the UK.

Pass Plus Course

This course was developed to provide newly licensed drivers with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in a safe way alongside an approved licensed driving instructor.

An added benefit of participating in this course are car insurance companies who offer discounted car insurance cover for drivers who have certified with the Pass Plus course. This is only applicable for drivers who provide the company with an accredited Pass Plus Certificate of Achievement. This also enables new drivers to save money on insurance premiums.

Pass Plus Cost and Syllabus

The course content is spread over six one hour modules. Modules cover freeway driving, divided highway driving, night driving, countryside driving, adverse weather condition driving skills, and driving through town.

Costs of a Pass Plus course varies between driving instructors. However, an estimate of the cost is between 120 and 200 pounds.


Upon completion of this course, drivers are not required to take an exam. However, all modules have to be passed adequately as determined by an approved driving instructor. If passed, drivers will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Throughout the course, the driving instructor conducts a Progress Record and a Training Assessment Report. These documents are submitted to the DVSA for approval and a certificate is then issued to the driver.

Insurance Options

By UK law, the minimum car insurance requirement is third-party liability cover. This type of insurance covers third party car damages and physical injuries caused by your car. Extra coverage can be a full cover insurance package. Pass Plus certified drivers are able to acquire discounted car insurance premiums by select companies.

If found driving an uninsured vehicle, you could be fined a minimum of 300 pounds up to 5000 pounds and issued a Fixed Penalty Notice.